Custom Wedding Rings For Your Special Day


In this era of Snapchat, Instagram, and a bunch of selfies, videos, images, and words are usually get forgotten as instantly as they appeared in the social media. Even the most eloquent, thoughtful, and useful tweet gets lost in a sea of more tweets. So now, just how do we save our most meaningful, heartfelt moments and expression such as for wedding day so we can remember it for decades? At least, when it comes to love, engagement, weddings, and marriages, there is a fantastic solution. Just by simply engraving your wedding rings with a couple of heartfelt and private words for each other. An engraving is one of a way to express your commitment to your loved ones in your custom-made wedding rings.

Learn The Process Of Custom Wedding Rings

If you want to own a stand-out wedding ring that different from any others, just pour out your creative ideas and make it as a candidate of the perfect custom-made rings for your perfect wedding. While others say that designing a ring of marriage by yourself is not practical and complicated that makes them unwilling to consider customizing it, actually, the process is easier than it seems. All you need to do first is just browse some rings that might inspire your customization rings. And then you can sketch out your idea. Remember just simply to think “something unique” that catch your eye. After that, meet your soulmate jewelry designer to help you make your idea complete by consulting and collaborating with them. At last, when you get the perfect custom design, from choosing what kind of metal you want, size, shape, and style, now you can make it as reality!

Guides To Pick The Perfect Custom Wedding Rings

With so many times that you spend on discovering the ring style and design features that you want to achieve that uniqueness and perfection which fits you and your partner, here we’ve some guides and some essential factor to consider to help you pick the final custom wedding ring that you will love.

  1. Narrow Down Your Choices

Narrowing down your ring choices can help you a lot. Starting with a simple band or embellishments, match your engagement ring or not, and whether you want to make a set wedding ring or not.

  1. Start Your Research Early

Give at least three months before your special day to visit the shop, to browse, research prize, and engraving your ring because it takes a lot of time to engrave one ring.

  1. Mix It Up

If you have a different style and material of ring with your partner, you don’t have to fret. Just blend it all to be a ring that unity your difference. Or find other styles and materials that you lovebirds both love.

  1. Set A Budget

Set a budget with an assumption that you will spend 3{76658ba7cda36ac31a9da69d6f4aa0ef762d4822236e1da203c8a0d6be035282} of your total wedding ring budget. The other extras like engraving, embellishment diamonds can take up more money and a bit pricey.

  1. Size It Right

Most people still wear their rings throughout all seasons, even it’s winter or summer that can cause a change of size like expanding or shrinking because of heat, cold, water retention, when you gain weight, lose weight, or right after you exercise that can cause swelling fingers. So, scheduled the final fitting of your ring when you are healthy, and your body temperature is normal.

That’s about all of the things that you need to know about the customization of wedding rings. Now, with all of that information above, consider a custom-made ring that matches your style before saying “I do” in the altar. Be creative and happy marriage!